Online Jobs for Teens: 7 of The Best Ideas + Tips

Being a teen is expensive.

Parents feel the pinch. And teens feel the sting of wanting cool stuff for which there is no budget.

But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing…the scenario can be flipped so that online jobs for teens becomes a desirable option.

Because the benefits of teens making their own money are:

It prepares them for a more successful financial life later on. They learn the value of money. They get real-life experience of handling their finances. And…the big benefit for teens is that when they earn money, they get to do the stuff they want to do, and buy the things they want to buy…

Now that motivation is out the way, let’s take a look at some of the best online jobs for teens:

In This Guide: The 7 Best Online Jobs for Teens #1: Get Paid to Take Online Surveys #2: Teach English Through Samespeak #3: Do Freelance Work on Fiverr #4: Blog and Influence #5: Buy Used Goods and Sell Online #6: Serve Others in Your Area #7: Design Gifts with Cafepress and Sell Them Summary The 7 Best Online Jobs for Teens #1: Get Paid to Take Online Surveys Popular Surveys for Teens

Survey Junkie 4.5/5 Points for Survey Disqualification $0.50 to $3 per survey $5 Minimum Payout Minimum Age to Join: 16

LifePoints 4.3/5 10 Point Sign-Up Bonus $5 (550 point) minimum Payout Lots of Survey Options Minimum Age to Join: 14 Join LifePoints

Swagbucks 4.5/5 $10 Sign-Up Bonus Earn for surveys and cashback User-friendly Mobile App Minimum Age to Join: 13

We’ve listed this idea as one of the best online jobs for teens because it’s probably the easiest way to earn quick bucks.

Think about it. How cool is it that you can make money while taking surveys on your mobile phone between breaks at school or just when you are relaxing in bed.

So what’s the catch, you ask? Nothing! Big brands pay survey sites like Surveyjunkie, Swagbucks, and LifePoints to source answers about their target audience in order to improve their products and services.

In order to serve their clients, survey sites source the type of people that represent the brand’s ideal customers. They then ask questions about their daily habits, like favorite things to do over the weekend, what movies they watch, and so on.

All that teens need to do to get started is register. They can take online surveys whenever they have free time.

Online Survey Tips for Teens Sign up with PayPal because most survey sites will send payments to a PayPal account. Some survey sites offer money, gift cards, or cool stuff. Make sure to pick the right survey panels, so you get what you want. The good thing about Epoll, Swagbucks, and Survey Junkie is that they all offer gift cards or rewards that can be redeemed for cash through PayPal. Some online surveys are only available in certain countries, but teens from most nationalities should be able to find online surveys. To make your search easier, check out our page on 7 of the best online paid survey sites and the applicable countries. Watch for easy-to-use survey sites that are fun (some surveys are lengthy and tedious). Register for Surveyjunkie, Swagbucks, and LifePoints, so if the one has no surveys that you are eligible for on a particular day, you can jump on over to the others. While the minimum age to join varies from 13 to 16 for each of these survey panels, be sure to get your parent's permission before joining. #2: Teach English Through Samespeak this video, Samespeak demonstrates what it’s like to practice speaking English with a foreign student.

If your teen is at least 16 years old, speaks English as a first language, and has a few hours a day open, he or she can become a personal conversation coach; this can be accomplished by teaching foreigners to speak English on a site like Samespeak. Samespeak provides all the materials necessary to make it easy.

Earn $10 for every 30 minutes of coaching. Not bad!

SameSpeak Tips for Teens If there is a surplus of coaches, there may be a waiting period before you can begin. We suggest registering on the tutoring website, and if you need to wait, using another money-making idea to make money while you wait. This type of part-time job is great to add to your resume for future employment! To get paid, you will need to set up a PayPal All that’s needed is a computer, internet connection, and Skype.

#3: Do Freelance Work on Fiverr teens freelance work on Fiverr What other teens are doing on Fiverr. If your teen has a knack for the creative, like writing blog posts, articles or poetry, or is good at design or programming, and if their work can add value to someone else, they can use their talents to get paid on Fiverr.

Get an idea of how other teens are using Fiverr to make money.

Not only is using Fiverr to sell services one of the best online jobs for teens, but it can also lead to a full-time freelancing career when they leave school or provide some great experience working with clients; it is an excellent way to build real-life experience.

An example is Jonathan Maes, who was 14 years old when he started freelancing on Fiverr. A year after joining, he had made $3000. (Source)

There are many success stories about young people making money on Fiverr, but there are some ways to earn faster and better on the platform, so be sure to check out the tips below.

Fiverr Tips for Teens There are more than 830,000 freelancers on Fiverr, so it’s really important to find a way to stand out. You must think of yourself as a business owner who aims to add value to clients. Setting up your profile correctly is essential to succeeding on the platform. Don’t just wait for clients to come to you; you must market yourself, with the aim of getting people to click to your profile. #4: Blog and Influence teen-blogs At 18, Emma Chamberlain has 7.9 million followers and uses it to sell merch on her website. Many teens already have lots of followers, so why not make a job out of it, plus get free products, and earn at the same time?

If your teen has a large number of followers, specifically on YouTube and/or Instagram, they can get paid to promote products, or can even start selling their own.

If they are keen on blogging, set up a WordPress website that they can link back to from social media accounts.

Sadie Stein, a contributing editor at Jezebel fashion mag, says, “Kids often start writing blogs just for the hell of it. Sometimes it's because they are feeling isolated in small conservative towns and want to connect with other kids; sometimes it's because they have areas of specialized interest they want to share.” (Source)

Blogs often lead to earnings when they have enough visitors.

Blogging Tips for Teens Don’t get discouraged if it’s slow going to begin with; this is the online job for teens that will take the most patience before you start seeing results. Learning about online marketing may take some time. This idea is definitely a long-term one, but also may be the biggest payoff out of all the ideas, in the long term. Your aim is to keep growing your social media accounts: the more followers you have, the more desirable you become to brands to promote their goods, or the easier it is to start selling your stuff. Combine this idea with idea #7 below – build your social media following and use it to make money selling your own customized apparel. #5: Buy Used Goods and Sell Online buy used goods and sell online Examples of women’s items being sold on Facebook Marketplace. This idea combines offline and online jobs for teens; some teens have a real knack for picking up used and unique goods from thrift stores. If they have a bit of cash stored up, they can buy products for cheap and sell them online.

Facebook Marketplace is one avenue to sell locally; it takes seconds to set up, and is effective depending on the target audience. Alternatively, create Instagram posts to sell goods directly, but that will require somewhere to link to, where the product can be bought, like a website.

The LetGo app is an easy way to sell used goods. Another idea is to sell books, CDs, DVDs, games, or tech to Decluttr.

Buy and Sell Tips for Teens There are a few ways of buying goods offline, and then selling them online; what will save time is knowing which method will work for you, and which will not. Whatever method you choose to use, do some research about how to make it work best. #6: Serve Others in Your Area teen-landscaping-service A teen offering landscaping and lawn mowing services on Facebook. This is a similar idea to the previous one, but this time it’s services, like house sitting, mowing the lawn, walking dogs, and so on.

There are a few options. For example, you can find an online care job for teens on Care, or your teen can offer services locally and advertise them online through social media or if there is some spare cash lying around, use social media advertising.

Local Services Tips for Teens If you choose to offer local services, don’t make the mistake of thinking clients will come to you. It’s important to promote your services in places where your ideal clients hang out. #7: Design Gifts with Cafepress and Sell Them Use Cafepress to create custom or branded gifts. Use Cafepress to create custom or branded gifts.

The idea is pretty simple: go to the site, choose a product to customize, add a design, and order it. Voila!

This presents two options:

A branded product to sell online via social media sites. (Instagram is best, but your teen can also use Facebook Marketplace), or Your teen can offer a personalized gift service, and advertise it online. CafePress Tips for Teens As with any of the best online jobs for teens, although the idea can be a great one, it won’t sell unless you promote it to the kind of people who will buy it. It’s no different with this idea – marketing is vital to make it succeed. Not only can you sell customized products online, but you can also try selling them at local events like flea markets. Summary So there you have it. 7 of the best online jobs for teens that can be done part-time:

Take online surveys Become an English conversational coach Freelance via Fiverr Become a social media influencer Source unique or cheap used goods and sell them for more online Start a local service and promote it online Create designed or branded products and sell them online A final tip for teens: when doing tasks like these on the internet, it’s important to keep parents in the loop. Be sure to often chat with them about what you’re up to, and seek their approval and advice.

Final FINAL tip for teens: use the ideas in this blog post to think of more. A lot of the ideas can be linked, so try to think big, and then GO FOR IT!