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OneOpinion Review 2022: Legit Survey Site? See My Results

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OneOpinion Review

Two of the common gripes about taking paid surveys is the surveys are too long and they are boring.

The team at OneOpinion seems to have heard those issues, and created one of the best survey sites that people actually enjoy.

Not only was I able to complete most of the surveys in 20 minutes, but I found that I was actually engaged and interested in taking the online surveys. Plus their member's area is top notch and definitely has the look of a modern survey site.

So you may be saying to yourself, sounds great but did you actually earn any money?

I will answer that question and go over everything you need to know to start earning with OneOpinion.

Here is a quick summary of OneOpinion key points …


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Get more details on OneOpinion, including my earnings in my updated OneOpinion review below.

What is OneOpinion?

OneOpinion  is a market research company that was founded in 2011 by Hugh Davis and Keith Price. They started the site with a vision of creating a great online survey panel that members could trust. That strategy has paid off. Today their survey panel is one of the leading online communities rewarding consumers for participating in research studies from the top companies providing consumer products.

How Does OneOpinion Work?

OneOpinion conducts surveys to connect your views about products and services with the companies who make them. OneOpinion gets paid for this market research data, and in turn, they give some of that money back to their members in the form of cash or gift card rewards for completing surveys online.

OneOpinion summarizes the process as follows: sign up, take surveys, earn points, and then get paid.

Is OneOpinion legit?

Their parent company Dynata has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Plus, they offer a support portal with answers to common question, and a contact form in case to resolve member issues. This shows they are serious about support for their members.

While OneOpinion reviews from online ratings communities like Trustpilot are mixed, I found them to be a good survey site. In fact, you will see from my earnings results below, that they are truly legit and I did receive payment from them.

Is OneOpinion safe to join?

According to OneOpinion site, they go through great lengths to protect your personal information. They have implemented a Two-Step Verification that adds an additional layer of security designed to prevent someone from accessing your account, even if they have your password. Codes are sent via SMS or phone on file to verify your identity when you make changes to profile information like email and password.

In addition, they state they will never contact you for marketing purposes, only for market research purposes.

Who is eligible to join?

OneOpinion is open to individuals 13 or older for the residents of the United States and the United Kingdom. Individuals between the ages of 13 and 18 must get parental consent.

How much does OneOpinion pay?

While OneOpinion does not provide information on average payout, my experience is that pay varies from 500 to 3000 points.

1000 OneOpinion points = $1, so that works out to be about $0.50 to $3 per survey on average. However, if you participate in some longer surveys (greater than 30 minutes) you can earn more.

The amount of money you can save depends on how much time you spend taking surveys.

How do I join OneOpinion?

OneOpinion is free to join, and it's easy to get started.

  1. Fill out the Registration Questions.
  2. Once you get registered, you will get a confirmation email stating that your application to join is being reviewed. They state it will take 3 to 5 business days to review, however, I got my confirmation within a day. 
  3. Once your application is reviewed, you will receive a follow-up email and get an invitation to get started taking surveys.

How do I Take OneOpinion Surveys?

After completing the pre-check questions, you will be directed to one of OneOpinion's partners to take the survey. Each survey starts with some basic profile questions to size you up for the survey. After you answer the pre-qualifier profile questions, either you will be asked to complete the survey or you will be screened out and given 50 points for trying. You can Earn 50 points for the first 5 surveys you do not qualify for each day. 

OneOpinion will send you survey invitations via email or you can login to their site and find surveys to join.  The survey will usually start with one or two basic questions to see if you are paying attention. For instance, I got one where it ask “Which of the following states does NOT start with the letter A?” Then they gave me the following to choose from: Montana, Alaska, Alabama, and Arizona.

OneOpinion Review Survey Points
1320 Points Earned for Completing a 12 Minute Survey

Upon successfully answering the basic questions, they will present you with a survey invitation that lists the approximate time to take the survey and the points that will be awarded. Also they will remind you to answer questions carefully, which is important.

It's not uncommon for some of the surveys to have questions designed to make sure you are paying attention.

If your profile questions are a match for the particular survey, you will be sent to one of their partners to complete the survey. You will get the reward points that were specified when you started for each completed survey.

What are OneOpinion surveys like?

OneOpinion Surveys are actually interesting and fun to do. This is what makes them such a great survey site. I take surveys on fun topics such as  fashion, movies, latest TV shows, carbonated and alcoholic beverages to name a few. 

Surveys vary in time, but most can be completed in 25 minutes or less. They also have longer surveys, and opportunities for product testing that offer higher reward amounts.

The common thing I find about all the surveys is they are well written and easy to follow. Plus, unlike other survey sites I did not find that the surveys had repetitious questions.  This makes the task of completing surveys more enjoyable.

However, like other survey sites they do add in questions during the survey to make sure you are paying attention. So be sure to pay attention and answer carefully.

In addition, while conducting research for this review I found that there are some higher paying surveys that involve product testing opportunities. So be sure to say yes if you get offered one of these surveys. 

How do I Check my Points Balance?

To check your account balance log into your OneOpinion account. Go to the “Summary of Points” area to see current balance to get a summary of all the surveys you have completed and the points that you earned for each survey.

How I get paid?

  • OneOpinion rewards you with points for taking surveys.
  • Points for completed surveys varies from 500 points to as high as 3000 points.
  • Plus you get 50 points for each survey you attempt but get screened out.  
  • 1000 points = $1. You can see your current points balance by logging into the OneOpinion site. They also include your points balance on each survey invitation they send you via email.
  • You can redeem your points once you accumulate at least 25000 points = $25
  • Payment options include PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, or gift cards from other popular retailers.

Pros and Cons

What I like

  • Surveys were interesting and well written.
  • Screen out rate lower than other survey sites.
  • Survey Frequency is good. I can take at least 5 surveys a day. That was plenty for me.
  • You earn points for surveys where you are screened out.
  • Good Customer Service. They have an excellent members area and contact options.

What could be better

  • OneOpinion presents you with one survey at a time, so you have no way of just selecting higher paying surveys. You must complete the current survey in the queue to move on to the next survey.
  • Minimum threshold of $25 to redeem payout for cash or gift cards. This is higher then the $10 minimum from some survey sites like Opinion Outpost .

My Results

oneopinion paypal earnings
$25 OneOpinion Payment via PayPal

Demographics play a role in your qualification rate for surveys. So you will not qualify for all surveys, and that is normal. I am 30 something married female with kids, and a full time employee. Here is how I did with OneOpinion.

I qualified for about 2 out of 5 surveys. That works out to about 40% rate for qualifications. That was better ratio that I found over the many survey sites I have tried.

Every now and then they threw in some new surveys that offer pay less than 1000 points. Some of those were short and could be completed in 10 minutes so that was okay. But some took a little longer, and I felt like the pay could have been a little better for the time spent on those surveys.

Still I had enough higher paying surveys, that I was able to get to the $25 mark with ease. I received my PayPal payment within three days of requesting it.

OneOpinion FAQs

Is it free to join OneOpinion?

OneOpinion is completely free to join!

How old do I have to be to join OneOpinion?

To be accepted to the OneOpinion panel, you must be at least 13 years old. If you are under the age of 18, but over the age of 13, you must get your parent's permission before participating in the online surveys.

Why didn’t I qualify for some surveys?

There are several reasons why you might not be eligible for a survey. It may be determined by your physical location. Other times, it's because of your shopping habits, among other things. It all depends on what information the customer is searching for at the moment. You may also be ruled out automatically if the client already has the number of responses they need for that particular study.

Do OneOPinion Points expire?

If there is no activity in your account for 90 days, it will be set to inactive status. If there is still no activity on your account after 180 days, your account will be canceled and you will lose all of your remaining points.

How do I get support if my points do not show up in my account?

You can contact Member Care through your Member Center. Be sure to add all the details including survey details and choose the appropriate category.

OneOpinion Review Verdict: Is it Worth it?

My OneOpinion Rating

Quality of Surveys
Frequency of Surveys
Pay Per Time Spent
Reward Options

Final Thoughts

OneOpinion has surveys that are interesting and well written, and that makes the whole survey taking process more interesting. Most surveys can be completed within 20 minutes and have point values that range from 500 to 3000 points. That works out to be about $0.50 to $3 per survey.

They have good member's area, customer support, and an extensive help area that answers most questions. Overall, OneOpinion is one of the best survey sites available today.

I definitely recommend OneOpinion if you are interested in taking online surveys for money.


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Have you tried OneOpinion? What was your experience? How does it compare to other online survey sites?

Please consider leaving your suggestions and questions below in order to help future members who are interested in joining. Thank you very much for your input!

3 thoughts on “OneOpinion Review 2022: Legit Survey Site? See My Results”

  1. I have to agree with the review left here, OneOpinion Surveys are pretty entertaining compared to some of the other online survey sites I have joined. I especially like the ones they have where you can take surveys on upcoming movies, or watch trailers. Sometimes they even have surveys on upcoming kids movies, and ask to have my kids participate. They get a kick out of watching the trailers, and then being able to give their opinions too.

  2. How do you cash out to Paypal for $25? I went to their site and saw a bunch of debit & gift cards but I wanted to redeem to PayPal. How do I do that? I have 25,450 points. I saw the PayPal sign and clicked on it but nothing happened. I got in contact with Emily, that stupid robot and she just tried to give me a debit card. I called their number and the dude didn’t know anything either, but he said he’ll send a message to a rep. He took my name, phone no., and email. This is pitiful! Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Karen its not very clear I guess, but they actually have the PayPal option listed under eGift Cards. If you select the eGift Cards tab in the Member Rewards area you will see the PayPal option. You can click on it there. Hope that helps.

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