Fetch Rewards Referral Code and Review – See My Results

I've reviewed two grocery cash back apps (Ibotta & Checkout 51). Both are excellent.

So when I heard about Fetch Rewards, I was not sure I wanted to add another receipt scanning cash back app on my phone.

Recently though I read this article on how they received $210 million in new funding, and my interest was peaked. I figured their CEO Wes Schroll must have a good product. So I downloaded the app and gave it a try.

In this Fetch Rewards review, I will cover the details and explain why you should be using this app. Hint: It is fast, really easy to use and a great way to earn free gift cards.

Already know about Fetch Rewards, and just looking for a rewards referral code? Use our Fetch rewards referral code SAVVY for a $2 bonus with your first receipt scanned.

In This Guide: What is Fetch Rewards? Fetch Reward App Download Fetch Rewards Referral Code: SAVVY How to enter Fetch Rewards Referral Code How Does Fetch Work? How to Get More Points with Fetch Rewards Is Fetch Worth It? More Frequently Asked Questions Related Cash Back App Reviews Fetch Rewards App Review Summary What is Fetch Rewards? Fetch Rewards is a free mobile app that earns you gift cards for taking pictures of your receipt. What makes Fetch Rewards different than other rebate apps is that you do not have to select any item offers before you scan your receipt.

Plus, there is no requirement to scan barcodes, watch videos, or answer any questions. Basically, it's super EASY to use.

Fetch Reward App Download Fetch Rewards is a mobile app, so first, you need to download the app. Then you just sign up with either your email address, Google, or Facebook account.

You will also need to enter the state you live in and your phone number. You will get a text with a code to confirm your registration.

Fetch Rewards Referral Code: SAVVY How to enter Fetch Rewards Referral Code Take a special note when signing up for the prompt that asks you for a referral code. It will state “Do you have a referral code from a friend?”

Once you confirm your account, you will be ready to go and can use the app. You will be asked to enter a referral code. Use our referral code SAVVY to get at least $2.00 (2,000 bonus points) with your first receipt scanned.

Tip: Don't forget to enter our $2 bonus referral code “SAVVY” BEFORE you scan your first receipt. Once you scan your first receipt, it is too late to go back and enter the code.

How Does Fetch Rewards Work? Fetch is really easy to use. It can be summed up in three basic steps.

Step 1: Scan Your Receipt To scan your receipt you simply open the app, select scan, and then select the camera icon. Then just follow the prompts to snap the picture. If you have a long receipt, you can take several pictures to make sure you have the whole receipt covered.

The receipt will be processed in real time so you will know how many points you have earned in a matter of seconds.

You have up to 14 days to scan your receipt, and you are allowed to scan a maximum of 14 receipts in a rolling 7-day period.

UPDATE: You can now also link email and Amazon accounts within the app to earn rewards for online purchases as well.

Step 2: Earn Points Fetch Rewards app will give you points for any grocery store receipt you scan, but you will earn more points if you purchase items that match the brands they work with.

Some common brands that will earn you more points are Kraft, Oscar Mayer, and Breyers to name a few. Currently, they work with over 230 brands and that list is growing. That list also includes many brands of beer and wine! You can see all the participating brands within the app.

They also have Special Offers where you can earn higher point values for a limited time. Offer items can result in larger point values ranging from 500 points to as much 10,000 points. This is the way to really crank up your earnings.

fetch rewards review special offer Fetch Rewards Miller Light Special Offer For example, I was able to earn 1,500 points for a 12-pack of Miller Lite just by scanning my receipt.

Step 3: Redeem Points for Gift Cards 1,000 points = $1, and you can cash out a reward for as little as 3,000 points. Now, how cool is that? Basically, you get 2,000 points just for signing up, so you can possibly be ready to get your first reward after scanning your first receipt.

You can redeem your points for gift cards. They have a large selection. Some popular options are Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

How to Get More Points with Fetch Rewards Purchase Partner Brands The key to earning the most with Fetch Rewards is by purchasing items that match the brands Fetch works with. So if you are a little flexible with what brands you buy, you can earn even more. You can earn an additional 1% by choosing from the partner brands listed on the discover tap within the app.

The good news is that the Fetch Rewards app helps you choose the brands. Each time you scan your receipt you will notice that you may get product recommendations for alternative brands to purchase on your next shopping trip.

Complete Special Offers On the Discover page within the Fetch App you can find bonus offers. By purchasing select quantities of specific brands by a certain date you can really amp up your earnings potential.

Use GoodRx to Save on Prescriptions and Earn Points GoodRx is a free prescription savings card that will help you pay less on your prescriptions. By using the GoodRx membership located within your Fetch App you can both save money on your prescriptions and earn bonus points.

You will earn 10,000 points for your first claim, and additional 1500 points for future claims.

Refer Your Friends Once you sign up for You will receive at least 2000 points for each friend that you refer that snaps at least one receipt.

Is Fetch Rewards Worth It? fetch rewards free gift card Free $50 Gift Card earned using Fetch Rewards App If you are already using a receipt scanning rewards app like Ibotta, then Fetch Rewards is totally worth using. It just takes a few extra seconds to also scan your receipt into the Fetch Rewards app. Or if you are just simply looking for an easy way to earn points on groceries, Fetch Rewards is a solid choice.

Fetch Rewards states that they have given out over $3 Million dollars in the year and a half since Fetch launched, so they are obviously doing something right. Personally, I think it's a great rewards app, and I can vouch that they do pay their members with free gift cards.

In fact here is a $50 gift card for The Cheesecake Factory I earned from using the Fetch Rewards App.

More Frequently Asked Questions Can I submit receipts from any store? Fetch Rewards accepts receipts from grocery retailers, supermarkets, club wholesalers, convenience stores, and liquor stores in the United States.

What if I don't get points for a qualifying brand? While the Fetch app does a pretty good job of automatically detecting all the brands and calculating your rewards in real time, it may sometimes miss some. No worries, you can tap “Correct my Receipt” and follow prompts to submit a claim. I had to submit a few corrections. In both cases, they corrected the issue and gave me my extra points in less than 24 hours.

How Many Fetch Points equal a dollar? 1,000 Points = $1 Value

Do Fetch Reward Points expire? If an account is inactive for 91 days, the points will expire.

Can I use Fetch Rewards with Ibotta? Yes, you can be combined with other savings apps like Ibotta, Checkout 51, and just regular coupons.

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Fetch Review Summary

I use Fetch Rewards as an easy way to earn free gift cards. I already use Ibotta and Checkout 51, so it makes sense to take an extra few seconds and also scan my receipt into the Fetch Rewards app after each grocery trip. While I do not really have any complaints about Fetch, an enhancement would be the ability to link you shopper loyalty card. This would allow for a more accurate assessment of the items purchased and forgo having to scan your receipt.

I earned a $10 Amazon gift card in the first month of using it, so it's a winner for our family. Your mileage may vary depending on what brands you buy, but I think there should be value for most.


Calculates points in real time Do not have to select deals beforehand Easy to use and it's free Referral Program eGift Card issued quickly Cons

No PayPal payment option No store loyalty card link option Join Fetch Rewards (Get $2 With Referral Code: SAVVY) Our Verdict: It's SAVVY

I hope this review was helpful for you. If you try Fetch Rewards, let me know what you think.