Smart Financial Tips for Families

healthy cost-effective grocery for kids

Healthy and Cost-Effective Grocery Items for Your Kids

Inflation has affected standard necessities, including food. A $100 budget for groceries before is way more than what it could afford now. Parents not only worry about budgeting financials; they also have to pick and choose healthy food for kids — mostly, they are pricey! This article will explore cost-effective and healthy food options for

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lifestyle creep

Lifestyle Creep – How to Avoid This Wealth Killer

Getting a boost in salary, either from a promotion, raise, or job change might seem like a great thing. However, if you aren’t careful, earning more money can lead to financial decisions that may not be in your best interest down the line. What does Lifestyle Creep mean? Purchasing lavish non-essential items just because you

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best allowance apps

Best Allowance Apps to Teach Your Kids How to Save

Setting your kids up for financial success as they grow and begin to take on more responsibility can be a challenge. Teaching your kids the value of money is something that every parent should take seriously. In today’s fast-paced world of emerging technologies, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with all the apps available

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7 Tips to Raise Financially Savvy Kids

With the technology of today, a cashless environment for retail is becoming more of a reality. I for one love it, and it has its perks and conveniences. However, it does add some complexity when trying to teach young children about money. When I was growing up, when we went shopping I would see my

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Private School or Move to Better School District

Private School or Move to a Better School District?

One of the toughest parenting decisions is choosing the best education choice for your children. While some people associate that with choosing a good college, parents with young children starting school realize that it starts a lot earlier. If you have young children starting school or in in elementary school, you may have dealt with

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