Confused about different banking options? Compare different types of bank accounts and features that may be important to you.

Understanding Overdraft Protection

Overdraft fees on checking accounts could cost you big bucks. These fees are sneaky, and you won’t believe how they can rack up over-night. Despite all the federal rules implemented in 2010, banks are still finding a way to pull dollars from fee-based revenue. The lack of consumer awareness of overdraft protection mechanisms is the

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How to Avoid Checking Account Fees

No matter where you are in your life journey, it is essential to expand on your financial well-being. For most of us, that starts with knowing the basics of your checking account. A checking account is often the first type of account you will establish with your bank, and it serves as a vehicle for

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Start an Emergency Fund

Emergency Fund: How To Start & Why You Need One

What is an emergency fund? Financial security is the ability to withstand times of hardship or misfortune that may result in unexpected expenses. Having an emergency fund is the key to being able to pay for events like these and still cover your regular monthly payments. An emergency fund is a savings fund that is

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