Understanding Overdraft Protection

Overdraft fees on checking accounts could cost you big bucks. These fees are sneaky, and you won’t believe how they can rack up over-night. Despite all the federal rules implemented in 2010, banks are still finding a way to pull dollars from fee-based revenue. The lack of consumer awareness of overdraft protection mechanisms is the …

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When Should I Start Investing?

It is a question that everyone seems to ask – when should I start investing? And while there are no simple answers to most things financial, this one is easy enough to answer. The simple fact is you should start investing as soon as possible. The earlier you start, the better off you will be, …

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Finance Tips for Young Adults

Finance Tips for Young Adults

Moving out of your parent’s house and entering the real world? If so, you’re probably feeling a pretty intense mixture of excitement and terror. There are a lot of amazing parts of moving out on your own; for instance, you have the freedom to spend your time the way you like and make the choices …

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online jobs for teens

Online Jobs for Teens: 7 of The Best Ideas + Tips

Being a teen is expensive. Parents feel the pinch. And teens feel the sting of wanting cool stuff there’s no budget for. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing…the scenario can be flipped so that online jobs for teens becomes a desirable option.