Real Estate Calculators
Mortgage Calculator
Calculate the payments and interest paid on a mortgage.
Mortgage Amount Based on Payment
How much is the monthly mortgage payment based on the monthly payment?
Mortgage Pay Off
How much payment is needed to pay off a mortgage?
Income for a House
How much income do you need to buy a house?
Compare Interest Rates
See how interest rates affect the payments and loan amount.
Loan Payment Chart
View a payment table for loans based on the length, interest rate, and loan amount.
Basis Points
Convert between basis points and a percentage.
Investment Calculators
Compound Interest Calculator
Calculate an investment over time with compound interest.
Savings Goal Calculator
Find out how long will it take to reach your savings goal.
Retirement Calculator
Calculate how much to save and how long savings will last in retirement.
Investment Fees
See how investment fees affect the overall return on an investment.
Interest Earned
Calculate the interest earned on an investment based on the annual interest rate.
Other Calculators
Inflation Calculator
Calculate inflation on the US dollar over time.
Road Trip Costs
Calculate the gas costs of a road trip or commute based on miles driven.
Salary Calculator
Calculate between hourly and annual salary based on pay and time worked.
Car Loan Calculator
Calculate the payments of a car loan based on the purchase price.
Tip Calculator
Calculate the tip on a bill.
Overtime Calculator
Calculate overtime pay for an hourly salary.